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What Causes the RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded Error?

There can be several reasons why you may encounter the "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error in your JavaScript code. Let's take a look at two common causes and their solutions:

Cause 1: Infinite Recursion

One common cause of the "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error is when a function inadvertently calls itself in an infinite loop. This recursive function call leads to an ever-growing call stack until it surpasses the maximum size allowed.
Here's an example:

1function recursiveFunction() {2 recursiveFunction();3}4recursiveFunction();

In the code snippet above, the recursiveFunction() calls itself without any condition or exit point, resulting in an infinite recursive loop. As a result, the call stack grows exponentially until it exceeds its limit, triggering the "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error.
To fix this issue, you need to ensure that your recursive functions have proper exit conditions to break out of the loop. For example:

1function recursiveFunction(counter) {2 if (counter <= 0) {3 return;4 }56 console.log(counter);7 recursiveFunction(counter - 1);8}9recursiveFunction(5);

In this modified version, the recursiveFunction() contains a condition to check if the counter value is less than or equal to 0. If it is, the function returns and breaks out of the recursion. This preventive measure ensures that the call stack remains within its limit and avoids the "RangeError" error.

Cause 2: Deeply Nested Function Calls

Another cause of the "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error is when you have a chain of deeply nested function calls that collectively exceed the call stack's maximum size. This can occur when dealing with complex algorithms or recursive functions that require deep recursion.
Consider the following example:

1function nestedFunction() {2 nestedFunction();3}4function mainFunction() {5 nestedFunction();6}7mainFunction();

In this code snippet, the mainFunction() calls nestedFunction() and ultimately leads to an infinite loop, similar to the previous example. However, in this case, the error occurs due to the cumulative effect of multiple nested function calls.
To address this issue, you may need to refactor your code and optimize your algorithm to reduce the depth of the function calls. Consider breaking down complex processes into smaller functions or reevaluating the need for deep recursion.


The "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error can be caused by an infinite recursion or a chain of deeply nested function calls, leading to the call stack exceeding its maximum limit. By ensuring proper exit conditions in your recursive functions and optimizing your algorithm's design, you can mitigate this error. Remember to always consider the maximum call stack size when writing JavaScript code to avoid encountering this error in the first place.

I'm an expert in JavaScript development with a deep understanding of common errors and their solutions. My experience spans various complex scenarios, allowing me to provide in-depth insights into the "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error.

Now, let's dissect the concepts mentioned in the article:

Concept 1: Infinite Recursion

The article highlights that one common cause of the error is infinite recursion, demonstrated through a code snippet:

function recursiveFunction() {


The function recursiveFunction calls itself endlessly, leading to an ever-growing call stack until it surpasses the maximum size. The solution proposed involves adding an exit condition to prevent infinite recursion:

function recursiveFunction(counter) {
  if (counter <= 0) {
  recursiveFunction(counter - 1);


This modification introduces a condition to break out of the recursion when the counter is less than or equal to 0, preventing the error.

Concept 2: Deeply Nested Function Calls

The article identifies another cause of the error as deeply nested function calls, demonstrated through this code:

function nestedFunction() {

function mainFunction() {


Similar to infinite recursion, this leads to the error due to the cumulative effect of multiple nested function calls. The solution suggested involves refactoring the code and optimizing the algorithm to reduce the depth of function calls.

In conclusion, the "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" error can be mitigated by addressing infinite recursion with proper exit conditions and optimizing algorithms to reduce the depth of function calls. This understanding is crucial for writing robust JavaScript code and avoiding such errors.

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded - Bugpilot Technical Guides (2024)


How do I fix the range error maximum call stack size exceeded? ›

Fixing "Maximum Call Stack Size Exceeded" involves several strategies. Firstly, optimize recursive functions and ensure they have proper termination conditions. Identify and resolve infinite loops that may lead to excessive function calls, overwhelming the call stack.

What does this mean maximum call stack size exceeded? ›

The JavaScript RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded happens when a function keeps calling itself without any condition to stop, and eventually, the program runs out of space to keep track of these repeated calls. It's a sign that your program needs a way to stop the function from calling itself endlessly.

How do I fix maximum call stack size exceeded in react? ›

Use recursion: By using recursion instead of loops can help to prevent the call stack from becoming large. Recursion is a technique in which a function calls itself. When using recursion, make sure that there is a base case that stops the recursion from going on indefinitely.

What is the limit of call stack? ›

The default stack size varies by JVM implementation, but it's typically around 1MB for a standard JVM. With a 1MB stack, we can make approximately 10000 to 20000 method calls before hitting the maximum depth, assuming each stack frame uses around 100 bytes.

How do I increase my stack limit? ›

In Linux/Unix, you can increase the stack size by modifying the ulimit command. In Windows, you can increase the stack size by modifying the linker options or using the alloca function to allocate memory on the stack.

What happens when stack space limit is reached? ›

There's a certain amount of memory reserved for the stack and when you exceed it you get a stack overflow error. These errors usually either kill the request or result in a program crash.

How many calls before stack overflow? ›

when the recursive depth reaches approximately 500000 it seems stack overflow occurs.

How to check call stack in Chrome? ›

View call stack

To display the functions in the stack, switch to the Sources panel and click the Call Stack line to expand it. This feature is especially useful if you use a lot of asynchronous functions.

What is a stack size overflow error? ›

A stack overflow is a type of buffer overflow error that occurs when a computer program tries to use more memory space in the call stack than has been allocated to that stack.

Why does stack have limits? ›

The size of stack memory is limited because it is allocated from the same memory pool as the rest of the program's memory, and the amount of available memory is limited by the hardware resources of the system.

What is react class component maximum update depth exceeded? ›

Maximum update depth exceeded. This can happen when a component repeatedly calls setState inside componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate . React limits the number of nested updates to prevent infinite loops. service - process API call, and has some methods for converting DTO data view model.

Should have a unique key prop? ›

The “Warning: Each child in a list should have a unique key prop” error in React occurs when you are rendering a list of elements without providing a unique key prop for each element in the list. React uses keys to efficiently update the DOM and keep track of which components are added, modified, or removed.

How do I check my call stack? ›

View the call stack while in the debugger

While debugging, in the Debug menu, select Windows > Call Stack or press ctrl + alt + C . A arrow identifies the stack frame where the execution pointer is currently located.

Is stack size fixed? ›

The maximum stack size is static because that is the definition of "maximum". Any sort of maximum on anything is a fixed, agreed-upon limiting figure. If it behaves as a spontaneously moving target, it isn't a maximum. Stacks on virtual-memory operating systems do in fact grow dynamically, up to the maximum.

Does a stack have a limit? ›

The stack has a limited size. If you try allocating stack objects that are too big, you might cause a stack overflow. But obviously something this is not going to cause a stack overflow by itself: int array[8];

Why do I get stack overflow error? ›

The most-common cause of stack overflow is excessively deep or infinite recursion, in which a function calls itself so many times that the space needed to store the variables and information associated with each call is more than can fit on the stack.

What does maximum call stack size exceeded recursive? ›

The JavaScript exception "too much recursion" or "Maximum call stack size exceeded" occurs when there are too many function calls, or a function is missing a base case.

What is maximum call stack size exceeded CookieYes? ›

The “Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded” error occurs if the CookieYes Installation Script is added multiple times to your website. This usually happens due to the following reasons: Using both the CookieYes WP plugin and the CookieYes CMP template in GTM simultaneously.


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