Phoenix Suns NBA free agency grades: Did the experts approve of Plumlee, Morris moves? (2024)

While some notable free agents still remain unsigned, the bulk of the 2024 NBA free agency signings is complete.

The Phoenix Suns, as a second-apron team, were limited in what they could offer NBA free agents, but they still managed to sign Monte Morris and Mason Plumlee,as well as re-sign Royce O'Neale, Damion Lee and Bol Bol.

The team also added Collin Gillespie on a two-way deal.

How do NBA writers think the Suns have fared in NBA free agency?

Take a look at their grades for Phoenix's moves in the 2024 offseason, with overall and individual marks for the team's transactions.

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Sporting News: Suns earn a B+ for 2024 NBA free agency signings

Stephen Noh writes: "The Suns are a second apron team that must rely on veteran's minimums and re-signing their own guys to fill out the rest of their roster. They absolutely had to bring back O'Neale, and they took care of business on that one. They lost Drew Eubanks but replaced him with Plumlee on a cheap deal. Plumlee is a flawed player but a capable backup who can give a solid 15 minutes per game behind Jusuf Nurkic. And Morris was one of the best backup point guards in the league before injuries set him back. He's a steal at the minimum."

SB Nation: Suns land a C for Collin Gillespie signing as free agent in Phoenix

John Voita writes: "I actually remember this kid. He played for the Denver Nuggets last year and won a national championship with the Villanova Wildcats in 2018. The Suns signed him to one of their two remaining two-way contracts, so essentially he is this season’s version of Saben Lee. The backup to the backup point guard."

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Bleacher Report: Suns get an A- for Monte Morris deal in NBA free agency

It writes: "The Suns needed point guard help. While Kyle Lowry would have been the ideal candidate for a minimum deal, Morris is a very good option. The 29-year-old played well down the stretch following a trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves, averaging 5.1 points, 2.3 assists, 0.7 steals and shooting 42.4 percent from three in 15.1 minutes per game. Morris rarely turns the ball over (just 1.1 turnovers per 36 minutes in his career), important for a Suns team that finished 25th overall in turnover percentage last season. Even if he doesn't crack a playoff rotation, Morris will be used plenty during the regular season as a backup point guard who can help the offense and knock down open shots."

Phoenix Suns NBA free agency grades: Did the experts approve of Plumlee, Morris moves? (1)

Sports Illustrated: Suns receive a B for signing Mason Plumlee as NBA free agent

Kevin Hicks writes: "This signing can be looked at two different ways - the Suns settling on Plumlee over former Orlando Magic C Goga Bitadze - or the franchise acquiring one of the better options in this class on the vet minimum to replace Eubanks. We tend to lean towards the latter. Plumlee isn't the same athlete he used to be, but is a solid team defender, remains a strong enough play finisher, and has real passing talent."

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SB Nation: Suns land a B+ for deal with Monte Morris in NBA free agency

Ricky O'Donnell writes: "Morris has been an elite caretaker point guard dating back to his college days at Iowa State. He almost never turns the ball over. At the same time, he doesn’t create many advantages either. His trustiness as a decision-maker is complemented by solid catch-and-shoot ability, with a 41 percent career mark on spot-ups. Morris wasn’t really a factor in the playoffs for the Wolves, and that worries me that he might be slipping at age-29. Still, this will likely be a cheap signing, and the Suns needed another ball handler. They could have done worse than Morris."

Sporting News: Suns take a B+ for re-signing Royce O'Neale in NBA free agency

Stephen Noh writes: "This is good value for the Suns. They had no way to replace O'Neale if he walked, so getting the 3-and-D wing at a reasonable number was a smart move for them. O'Neale hit 37.6 percent of his 3's after being acquired via trade midseason. He did more than shoot, though, filling in a ton of holes for the team by doing a little bit of everything."

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Walter Football: Suns receive an A- for re-signing Damion Lee as NBA free agent

It writes: "The brother-in-law to Stephen Curry is quietly one of the elite shooters in the league as well and Lee continues to earn his keep. He’s coming off serious injury, but as a shooter he can really help the Suns and their poor depth."

Phoenix Suns NBA free agency grades: Did the experts approve of Plumlee, Morris moves? (2)

Walter Football: Suns earn a B+ for Bol Bol re-signing in NBA free agency

It writes: "Bol was impressive for the Suns as a reserve 5. He’s huge and has some really solid stats when he gets some minutes. Keeping a strong role player at a need spot, at the minimum is a nice contract."

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Fansided: Suns land a B- for deal with Mason Plumlee in NBA free agency

It writes: "Given the Suns' financial restrictions as a team over the second apron, filling out and upgrading the roster is daunting. So, they must improvise and add cheap ring-chasing veterans like Plumlee. While the big man may not be the nightly double-double threat he once was, he can still be a functional frontcourt depth piece. He immediately slots in as the backup five behind Jusuf Nurkic. Nonetheless, this highlights how brutal of a position Phoenix is in, facing an uphill battle to surround Kevin Durant and Devin Booker with talent."

What do you think was the Suns' best move in 2024 NBA free agency?

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Phoenix Suns NBA free agency grades: Did the experts approve of Plumlee, Morris moves? (2024)


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