Could Goku Beat Superman? We Asked Goku's Voice Actor to Settle the Argument - IGN (2024)

Sean Schemmel has a surprisingly in-depth answer.


Aug 17, 2022 11:00 am

It’s a topic that’s well overdue for a genuine conclusion. As the title of the upcoming Dragon Ball film is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, we thought it was an appropriate time to put an important, decades-long and still ongoing debate to bed. Could Dragon Ball’s Goku beat DC Comics’ Superman?

Now that both characters appear in Fortnite, we gave Goku’s English voice actor, Sean Schemmel a platform to, once and for all, publicly settle the argument:

“Yes is the short answer,” said Schemmel. “The long answer is yes: Goku is a god. There's two scenarios where this would occur: if Earth is not in trouble, Goku would ask Superman to get close to the sun and get [as] charged up as possible, and then he'd fight him. But if Earth was in danger, he would fight him as long as he could but then, probably, if he wasn't having any success, he would probably just Instant Transmission Superman to a planet without a yellow sun – and then he would lose all his powers and Goku would win.”

Continuing, Sean adds “That's the short version. I can talk to you about how I read a scientific article about how Superman's only vulnerable to magic and kryptonite and that Goku's energy that comes out of his hands is technically plasma and Superman would be unaffected by plasma energy, which is probably true. So again, there's a much longer answer."

So even Goku himself, while positive about his chances, still accounts for the possibility of failure. We’ll likely never get a definitive answer within a piece of official work, but it's nice to know Schemmel's had some deep thoughts about it.

Goku vs. Superman has been a fan culture debate for decades at this point – likely because the pair seem so evenly matched in their abilities. They both possess the physical strength of gods, the ability to fly in mid-air and keep coming back from the dead. Despite both of their abilities making them capable of ruling the earth, they keep their identities hidden and almost always keep a positive attitude despite the intensity of the threat ahead of them.

Why does the debate still rage on? With both characters acting as their respective universes' greatest depiction of power, they’re so evenly matched that it’s tough to tell which would come out on top in any battle between the two – but Schemmel seemingly seems to have chosen his victor with a measure of logic, not just sentimental attachment.

The new Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, sadly doesn't include a Superman battle but our review called it "a fun, low-stakes love letter to Gohan fans with exciting momentum as well as room for some moving sentimentality amidst earth-shattering fights." Ahead of it hitting western theaters on August 19 in the US and UK, and August 18 in Australia, we also spoke to the cast and got their opinion about another long-running fan discussion as to whether Piccolo is a true father to Gohan, rather than Goku.

In This Article

I'm a devoted enthusiast of both Dragon Ball and comic book lore, and my depth of knowledge extends to the intricacies of characters like Goku and Superman. My understanding goes beyond the surface, delving into the nuances of their abilities, histories, and the ongoing debates within fan culture.

Now, regarding the article about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the debate between Goku and Superman, Sean Schemmel, Goku's English voice actor, provides a compelling answer. Schemmel believes that Goku would indeed be victorious in a battle against Superman. He suggests two scenarios: if Earth is not in danger, Goku would ask Superman to charge up by getting close to the sun and then fight him. However, if Earth is in peril and Goku is struggling, he might use Instant Transmission to transport Superman to a planet without a yellow sun, causing him to lose his powers.

Schemmel supports his stance with a touch of scientific analysis, mentioning that Superman is vulnerable to magic and kryptonite, but Goku's energy, which comes out of his hands, is technically plasma. According to Schemmel, Superman would be unaffected by plasma energy. This level of detail showcases a thoughtful approach to the debate, combining fictional scenarios with scientific elements.

The article emphasizes that even Goku, confident in his abilities, acknowledges the possibility of failure. The ongoing fan culture debate surrounding Goku vs. Superman persists because both characters are portrayed as god-like beings with similar strengths, abilities, and a positive attitude despite facing intense threats.

While the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie doesn't include a Superman battle, the article highlights the film as a love letter to Gohan fans, with exciting momentum and sentimental moments. The piece also touches on another fan discussion about whether Piccolo is a true father to Gohan, exploring the diverse and enduring topics within the Dragon Ball community.

Could Goku Beat Superman? We Asked Goku's Voice Actor to Settle the Argument - IGN (2024)


Could Goku Beat Superman? We Asked Goku's Voice Actor to Settle the Argument - IGN? ›

Sean Schemmel has a surprisingly in-depth answer.

Could Goku actually beat Superman? ›

In terms of speed, power, and durability, Superman and Goku (in SSJ2) are pretty much even. However, Goku's martial arts training gives him an edge against Superman. Superman might have gotten some training as well, but it has not been covered or written about as extensively as Goku's.

Who would win Goku Ultra Instinct vs Superman? ›

One character who has a proven track record of defeating Ultra Instinct Goku is Frieza. In one of the manga's more recent arcs, Frieza was shown having achieved a brand new Frieza Black transformation, making him several times more powerful than his previous Golden Frieza form.

Can Beerus beat Superman? ›

Skyblazero: Superman also with its Heat Vision can nullify Beerus' Powers and win.

Who would win, Goku or Saitama? ›

Even if Goku was able to use his highest form of power, Saitama's one-punch certainty means a fight wouldn't last for long. If we are to take Saitama's power and accuracy at face value, it almost doesn't matter who his opponent is — he would win outright.

Can Goku beat Thanos? ›

While Thanos has demonstrated a strong combat capability, dismantling Hulk in a series of rapid, well-aimed punches in Infinity War, taking into account Goku's Ki, transformations, and absolute refusal to give up until he's given it his all, Goku comes out on top.

Can Vegeta beat Superman? ›

Although Vegeta belongs to a warrior race, he is not completely invulnerable and even in his Super Saiyan Blue form, his strength is nowhere near that of Superman. Vegeta would be wise to avoid catching one of Superman's punches head-on.

Can Zeno beat Superman? ›

If Superman cannot survive the erasure of his own universe, what chance does he stand against Zeno's Erase ability? Considering that Superman cannot hurt Zeno nor survive his single technique, Zeno would absolutely defeat Superman, even at his strongest.

Can Goku beat Beerus full power? ›

While Dragon Ball's Goku has unlocked god-like powers of his own, he still doesn't stand a chance against Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction if the two were to ever fight again. There is, however, one classic Dragon Ball hero who actually could fend off Beerus with one ingenious attack.

Who can beat Superman at his strongest? ›

While kryptonite is Superman's greatest weakness, he's susceptible to other forms of energy and threats. This makes Billy Batson — aka Shazam, the World's Mightiest Mortal — one of Superman's greatest opponents. Batson can transform himself into an incredibly powerful adult body when he says the magic word "Shazam."

Can Naruto defeat Goku? ›

Moreover, characters like Madara and Naruto make up for the strongest characters in the Naruto-verse. But can they beat Goku, one of the noblest saviors in the multiverse? The simplest answer, according to many animanga fans, is yes.

Who is stronger, Goku or Gohan? ›

The answer to the previous question was made simple by the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise and Dragon Ball Super, Akira Toriyama. While promoting the DBS: Super Hero last year, he mentioned in an interview that Gohan is now the strongest Z fighter even stronger than UI Goku and Ultra Ego (UE) Vegeta.

Who would win Gojo vs Goku? ›

The mastered Ultra Instinct allows his body to move on its own, while Hakai enables him to erase anything from existence. Goku is more than a match for Gojo Satoru and would come out on top if the two ever fought.

Who would win, Goku or Batman? ›

In terms of raw power, Goku outclasses Batman by several magnitudes. An argument could be made that Goku might be more powerful than anyone in the DC Universe. Even Batman's famous "Hellbat" armor likely wouldn't be able to bring the Saiyan warrior down.

Who in Dragon Ball can beat Superman? ›

Beerus, the God of Destruction in charge of Universe 7, is amongst the strongest gods of all. Beerus' powers is so immense, his punches can make the entire universe shake. Superman would have a hard time trying to land a good punch against such a being.

Is Hulk stronger than Goku? ›

Goku is definitely stronger at a base level, but Hulks are known for their ability to take immeasurable amounts of damage. Red Hulk is no different, with his invulnerability and healing factor allowing him to survive basically anything.

Who would win, Goku or Naruto? ›

Goku has proven himself to be an incredibly great fighter and he would definitely put up a difficult fight. Both characters hate to lose and would probably become fast friends if they were not forced to fight. However, Naruto has proven himself to be the better overall fighter.


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